Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nance Farm Opening

               Nance Farm Renovation

Yesterday I joined the DeSoto Art Club at the opening of the new historic landmark in DeSoto Texas -  the Nance Farm renovation.  There were about 15 artists there painting along with weavers, quilters, etc.  This house was built facing south by it's owners.  There were not well acquainted with Texas Weather and soon found out that that was not feasible, so they rotated the house to face east.

South side of the Nance Farm House

                                                                                It is already too hot to stand directly in the sun and paint, 
so I found a great old tree just south of the main farmhouse and set up my easel there.  There were so many tents  placed around in the yard 
that It was not easy to see the structure of the farmhouse.

Virginia and Orland Sp
There are few farm buildings left as the land was sold in the fifties to MickeyMantle.  He named the area Mantlewood and built a housing   development 

surrounding the original homestead. There is the  main farm  house, a couple of barns various pens and out buildings.  At the right are me two 
neighbors, Virginia and Orland who
participated with their spinning group.

There was very little light in the house
and It was difficult to paint the two
spinners.  The house had air conditioning
and was a great place to paint as it just
continued to get hotter and hotter out

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