Monday, July 20, 2015

A Touch of Monet

Nestled in the little gem Chandor Gardens is a coy pond and this Monet image evoking bridge.  My view point for this painting was from  the opposite side that I usually paint.  When I started the sun hit the top surfaces of the bridge, but by the time I was into the painting it was shadowed against the white of the home and yellow of the pond. What was of interest at that point was the contrast between the background and the foreground and bridge. Frustrated, I packed up and came home. I worked on it in the studio from memory as my camera battery was not working.  Above is the result.  It is very much like what ended up happening on site.  I think I should have started out by painting the bridge as a dark shape and lightening it as I went along.  It is always interested to see what happens in the studio!

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