Friday, May 4, 2012

Model with Paper Wrap

There are times when every model pose looks the same, right?  And then there are those times when something great and different happens - it might be a small think like a 3 yard length of brown paper and the inventiveness of a great model.  Here are the results of one such evening.  Pretty good results from 7PM to 10PM!

Then when she got tires of wrapping it around her body she put it on her head! I'll swear that all of the colors that you see were there and that I have not been indulging in anything!

It's worth a detail because it is so luscious!  Well after such an evening of great modeling 
she did deserve a rest.  She's an artist too - it really shows when someone is aware of how 
they look and what you might want to see in a pose.  This is why I keep going to life 
drawing classes, class after class, for this kind of evening.
Thanks Ellen Soderquist.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Texas Primaries - Colors that is!

This fallen tree and the red of the dying cedar tree made a beautiful
contrast to the Bluebonnets and fresh green vegetation.

I have  painted this old barn from many angles and different times of year.
Just when you think that there are no new ways to paint it some vantage
point is found.  The spring greens of the vines in growing in the barbed
wire fence were so beautiful.

I got up early for several mornings in a row and drove to Cedar Hill State
Park to paint the Bluebonnets.  There were so few last year and this year the smell of
them just was intoxicating.  The sun came up to the right of this hill and
skimmed across the yellow mustard and through the trees onto the fields of Bluebonnets.
Can't get much better than this!

I'm still star struck from the beauty of big bend.  It lingers in my mind.  Back in the studio
I did several small paintings from memory/sketches.  The blues and the oranges across the
carpets of desert vegetation is just fantastic

The drought last year really took it's toll on the Cedar trees at the park.
They are however quite beautiful as the remaining foliage is a deep reddish
color.  Note the red yucca that is in front of the dying tree.  What a great
color combination. 

Two more paintings in the Blue bonnets.  There are so lovely that I thought
they looked faked.The pink plum trees are left over from the owners of
Penn Farm which makes was the original purpose of the land that
makes up Cedar Hill State Park.                                                               

Nance Farm Opening

               Nance Farm Renovation

Yesterday I joined the DeSoto Art Club at the opening of the new historic landmark in DeSoto Texas -  the Nance Farm renovation.  There were about 15 artists there painting along with weavers, quilters, etc.  This house was built facing south by it's owners.  There were not well acquainted with Texas Weather and soon found out that that was not feasible, so they rotated the house to face east.

South side of the Nance Farm House

                                                                                It is already too hot to stand directly in the sun and paint, 
so I found a great old tree just south of the main farmhouse and set up my easel there.  There were so many tents  placed around in the yard 
that It was not easy to see the structure of the farmhouse.

Virginia and Orland Sp
There are few farm buildings left as the land was sold in the fifties to MickeyMantle.  He named the area Mantlewood and built a housing   development 

surrounding the original homestead. There is the  main farm  house, a couple of barns various pens and out buildings.  At the right are me two 
neighbors, Virginia and Orland who
participated with their spinning group.

There was very little light in the house
and It was difficult to paint the two
spinners.  The house had air conditioning
and was a great place to paint as it just
continued to get hotter and hotter out