Friday, May 4, 2012

Model with Paper Wrap

There are times when every model pose looks the same, right?  And then there are those times when something great and different happens - it might be a small think like a 3 yard length of brown paper and the inventiveness of a great model.  Here are the results of one such evening.  Pretty good results from 7PM to 10PM!

Then when she got tires of wrapping it around her body she put it on her head! I'll swear that all of the colors that you see were there and that I have not been indulging in anything!

It's worth a detail because it is so luscious!  Well after such an evening of great modeling 
she did deserve a rest.  She's an artist too - it really shows when someone is aware of how 
they look and what you might want to see in a pose.  This is why I keep going to life 
drawing classes, class after class, for this kind of evening.
Thanks Ellen Soderquist.

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