Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to School Special!

Today, Doug's Club went to the Fort Worth Stockyards to paint.  This August is unlike any other, almost cool. overcast and breezy.  We painted just in the morning as it began to sprinkle. The painting on the top was painted at the Stackyards and when I got home I really wanted the yellow cab to be important so I painted it in the front.  It is a little more believable, but not sure it made it any better.

We had a good group as you can see! We thought we were adding to the tourist attraction thing, but one of the T-shirt sellers did not approve of us in front of his tables.  Guess we were obscuring the flying pigs just a little too much  There is much to paint here.  When I arrived at 8:30 AM there were very few cars and fewer people.  I need the color of the Yellow Cab in my painting.  I added it in the studio afterwards along with the "Fort Worth Stockyards" - too much gooey paint to do it on site. Only one painting, but a great day with good company!

Below is a view of the courthouse
as you drive away from the Stockyards.  I have always wanted to paint this view.  When I figure out how to get there without being killed I will do it.  It is in the middle of a bridge that is usually heavily with traffic.  Loved the skies today!  Rain precious rain!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

We are definitely under-apreciated at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden!  No painting!  Not even pastels or watercolor are allowed into the Japanese Gardens.  Fortunately they are not banned form the rest of the park.  We had a model posing in the shade of huge live oak trees today for a change of pace.  While we were waiting for the model to come I started a painting of the pagoda entrance to the Japanese gardens.  Lush in spite of the heat, the materials and style of the architecture makes you wonder if it could be anymore beautiful in Japan itself. 

Wendy brought our model.
Painting outside is hard enough, but painting a model or portrait in two hours in the changing light requires mental gymnastics!  It is not easy for the model either, the sun moves around and shines in her eyes, the mosquitoes bite (with west nile fever prevalent, that’s not acceptable) and it’s just not easy to sit for 2 hours.  Lunch at the Kimble was our reward.  Many of us follow Valerie Pirlot’s blog with herfriends in England.  The latest blog from August 8th showed them with hats and coats under overcast skies with puddles everywhere.  Alas they just don’t know what they are missing.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chandor Gardens

It's still over 100 degrees here.  There is one place where the cool breezes can be found!  Chandor Gardens.  I wonder if they have notices how many new memberships they have enjoyed with all of the plein aire artists from Doug's Club coming to paint? Today was no exception and we enjoyed the beauty from open to closing time.
Koi Pond, Beautiful reflections!
Love Chandor;s circle

There were five of us, TK, Doug Clark, of course, Tosca and Sarah. Deciding what to paint is the hardest thing.  There is so much it is really hard to narrow it down to something you can handle in a couple of hours.  I have admired the trellis every time that I've painter here.  The contrast of the brilliant sunlight and the cool shadows is the story here.  I am still a novice at such things, but you get there by practice, right?  Getting the darks dark enough and keeping the lights is hard.

We had lots of wipe offs today.
I rarely allow myself to do that.  If I did I would never finish a painting.  Instead I barrel through and paint over it later if I cannot pull it off - which is all too often.

Top is Tosca with her paintings, then TK going after the Caladiums!  Sarah is getting ready to paint a doorway into a courtyard.  Doug is putting the finishing touches on his Foo dog.

Below is a doorway that is the most delicious shade of green.  The charming oriental lantern hanging next to it deserves it's own painting.  The turquoises bounce all over the place.  Soft salmon colors reflect from the sun drenched brick below the door and bounce up onto the wall to mix with the shadows.  The green of the follage mixes in with all of the above to make an amazing assortment of colors.  The longer I looked at trying to paint is the more challenging it became.  The Gardens close at 3pm on Saturday so I did not quite finish.